What is the Name of French wine?!

Question: What is the Name of French wine?

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*-Maybe you are thinking of Champagne ....!
Champagne (wine), a sparkling wine.....produced in
the region of France !


france is famous for it's wines ----------it is said that even during ww2 ------producing wines didn't stop in france

france is famous for it's champagne------which is sparkling wine-----prepared form the finest grapes in champagne district of france------and co2 forms naturally in champagne bottles ------hence it fizzes out a great pressure when cork is opened-------it's used in celebrations -----especially formula 1 races

good luck

ER "French wine" your answer is in your question!
Or did you really mean please give me the name of a french wine?
In which case you have thousands of wines to choose from or names of types of french wine which reduces the field down quite a bit !
Then there is red white or rose which reduces it down further!

Could you be more specific? There are many French Wines.

You need to re post your question....

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