what effects would you get from mixing wine and cocaine?!

Question: What effects would you get from mixing wine and cocaine?

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dirt nap time....

I'm inclined to say, "A dang good time!" But I digress... Mixing the two can be tricky. Back when I did drugs, I'd taken lines a couple of times while drinking until I realized that it was essentially "speedballing".. Speedballing is mixing your uppers with your downers, and not a good idea at all. According to "the good drugs guide.com", "You should be aware that drinking cocaine and alcohol creates a metabolite called cocaethylene in the body, which is more toxic than both put together and can put more stress on the heart." So there you go, not advised at all, but I ain't ya poppa.


Cocaine would negate the effects of alcohol.

Yep, you wouldn't feel the alcohol at all...just skip the wine and save it for another day:)


the news.

Why would you waste your time asking silly questions on Yahoo Answers? Go outside and be less ignorant.

It can cause a risk of series health problems to your heart and liver which leads to death.

A very bad hangover! LOL

A "friend" did it once....tee hee.


you'd go blue like an abadah.

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