What is the best beer in your opinion?!

Question: What is the best beer in your opinion?
Im American, so we dont have much good beer made here Haaaha. I love to drink imported beers and microbrews and have tryed many beers of all type from all over the world but im always down to try something new. Whats your favorite beer and where is it from?
Ps. you should try the Motor City GhettoBlaster! Its a beer made here in Detroit, english style mild ale. I wouldnt call it my favorite but definately worth trying.


there is a ton of good beer made here in america its just not made by big companys. Look up boulevard beer out of kansas city or try great lakes brewing company out of cleveland ohio. The two biggest places that produce the most small micro brews are Colorado and minnesota. Look for Left hand brewing company also. all these companys have many delicious beers and styles. Happy Drinking

Actually, my dragon does not have to poo into bottles anymore, he outgrew that habit unlike Mr. Corcoran, he still does it everyday. Each time, mayo spills into it, so my dragon stopped it.

Newcastle- England

Blue Moon

i always liked Bud
but dont drink now

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