how much do you drink to get drunk?!

Question: How much do you drink to get drunk?
i have half a water bottle of rum, half a water bottle of gin and i have one can of beer. is this enough to get drunk? im in no mood to go to the liquor store or even outside, just wanna stay home and chill with friends :D


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I need about what you got there to really get pissed. You have enough to get pissed so get started. Why on Earth you would take the time to post this question anywhere for any reason mystifies me. Drink your stuff, get pissed, be happy with that.

As long as it's in your parents house and they give it to you it's totally legal :)

Im very much a lightweight as well and after about 2.5 shots of vodka a can definitely feel it, by 3 or 4 i certainly consider myself drunk. sounds like you have enough for you and about two or three other girls to have a very fun night. i wouldnt advise drinking the beer before the liquor though, "beer before liquor, never been sicker. liquor before beer, in the clear" :)

College freshman but new to the whole drinking experience as well :)

I no longer drink to get drunk, when I did a half litre of tequila or 12 beers
was enough for me to notice its impact. Romanian or no, the government
of the country where you live is the law, not your parents.

<- Older than you and know responsibility.

Nope every gets drunk with different amounts of alcohol

For me 7 or 8 drinks and I'll have a good buzz and another 4 or 5 before I'll think about stopping...but it depends on how long it takes to go through those.

yes that enough to get drunk.
unless you're like 400 pounds.


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