do you think if it werent for taste buds?!

Question: Do you think if it werent for taste buds?
We would be eating more healthier?


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Haha yeah probably. I wouldn't be eating so many cookies and muffins and what not if they didn't taste so delicious.

Yeah, everyone would be really skinny. Eating would be a chore, you'd get no pleasure out of it. Why would you take an hour or two to make and eat dinner when you could be doing something more important. And especially if we couldn't taste food, but we would still feel the difference of how you feel after eating cake rather than bananas or vegetables, our bodys would feel much better, so we'd only eat healthy food.

No, God made us perfect. He made our taste buds enjoy the foods we need, and repel against the foods that are dangerous. What's unhealthy is our obsession with huge portions and processed foods.

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