can you die from drink a whole bottle of crown royal?!

Question: Can you die from drink a whole bottle of crown royal?

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It depends on how long it takes you to drink it, if you mean all day then the answer is no, if you try to drink it as quickly as possible the answer is yes if you don't throw it up everywhere, that's nature's way of stopping you poisoning yourself, some people don't throw up and pass out, they stand a good chance if not discovered of either choking to death on their own vomit or dying from alcoholic poisoning.

LD50 is a scientific term used for demonstrating the amount of a substance required to kill 50% of the people taking it.

If for instance 10 of your male friends weighing 160lb each drank 750ml of Crown Royal each then five of them WOULD DIE.

I don't want to appear a killjoy, and although I work in an alcohol rehab clinic, I have no problem at all with sensible drinking.……

Yes, alcohol poisoning is going to do you in if it does. If the bottle is big enough and you drink it fast enough. My advice, don't.

yes you can , if you have already drank it throw up and then go to a hospital

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