How much alcohol does it take to...?!

Question: How much alcohol does it take to...?
I'm sure everyone is familiar with the plastic red cups that are most used for alcohol. How many of those cups would you need to drink to actually become drunk? Do you know?


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It completely depends on the person. (Meaning light weight or heavy weight)(not to be confused with how fat you are or your size) just how much alcohol your body can handle before you start losing your ability to control your senses. For instance I'm a light weight I have 1 or 2 beers and I can get a buzz but I know people that can have like 5 beers and mixed drinks and then get the same buzz. It all depends on the person. The way to find out is to just drink but start real slow with one beer or smirnoff or whatever to prefer.

Each person is different...sometimes height and weight can have an impact, but basically it is how quickly your liver can metabolize the alcohol. You can feel the affects of alcohol as soon as it has been absorbed into your bloodstream (Blood Alcohol Content), but being considered "officially drunk" depends on how much of it is in your bloodstream. If a person’s BAC is .10, that means that for every one drop of alcohol, there is 1,000 drops of blood. It is illegal to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher in all fifty states.…

it depends on your size and what type of drink you put in the red cup and how much tolerance you have built up in your system


It depends on how much you weigh & your height.If you're really skinny it takes less & fat it takes more ahah.

It all depends on the person. If you are a light weight, it'll obviously take less, vice versa for a heavy weight.

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