colonial recipies (10)?!

Question: Colonial recipies (10)?
so for social studies class i need to know TEN colonial recipies, that came from the 13 colonies! please(: i also need to know what was in them, and the history on how it was made and where! i know this is hard! but, even if you can just contribute a few(: thanks! <3


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Here are five for you. Go to recipes. You should really be doing your own homework, you know...... that's what google is for!

MULLIGAN STEW (Very old recipe)

1. 1/2 cup each of diced onions, carrots, celery, and turnip;
2. 4 potatoes quartered;
3. Add to 1/8 lb salt pork,
4. 2 pounds venison, lamb or beef cut in small pieces and cooked 1 hour in 1 pint of water 1 teaspoon salt and ? tsp. Pepper
5. Cook all together for one hour
6. Dumplings to taste may be added last 12 minutes.

CHICKEN ROLY-POLY (A very old recipe)

* One quart of flour
* two teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar mixed with the flour
* one teaspoonful of soda dissolved in
* a teacupful of milk
* a teaspoonful of salt;
* (do not use shortening of any kind)

1. Roll out the mixture half an inch thick,
2. lay minced chicken, veal, or mutton onto rolled batter.
3. The meat must be seasoned with pepper and always salt and be free from gristle.
4. Roll the crust over and over and put it on a buttered plate and place in a steamer for half an hour.
5. Serve with gravy over each slice.


* 12 pounds roast
* Salt, pepper and flour dredge
* 4 cups flour
* 2 cups water
* 1 tablespoon currant jelly.

1. Wipe meat carefully with wet cloth and cover with a large sheet of buttered paper.
2. Make a thick paste of flour and water, roll our 3/4 inch thick and lay over the fat side of the haunch.
3. Cover with three or four sheets of white paper and tie Securely with cord
4. Put in dripping pan and roast and do not .forget to baste often to prevent paper and string from burning.
5. A twelve pound haunch will take 3 hours to roast.
6. Half an hour before it is done remove from the oven cut strings, take off paste, and paper;
7. Dredge with flour, salt, and pepper
8. return to oven and roast to fine brown color
9. Serve with a brown sauce to which a tbs. currant jelly is added


1. Break salt fish into pieces, cover with cold water and bring slowly to simmering point, but don't boil.
2. Drain, and repeat 2 more times using cold water and bringing to simmering point until fish is tender enough to suit you.
3. Boiled fish is tough so be careful.
4. Place fish on large platter and pour gravy over it.
5. Serve piping hot with hot baked potatoes and buttered or pickled beets

To make rich white sauce —

1. Blend 2 tbs. butter with 2 tbs. flour
2. Add 1 cup sweet milk and cook until thick, stirring all the time
3. Stir in a slightly beaten egg (or boiled sliced eggs) and seasoning to taste..


* 2 cups. flour
* 2 tsp fat
* 1 tsp salt
* 2 tsps. cream tartar
* 1 tsp. soda
* 3/4 cup milk.

1. Mix-dumplings and roll to one inch thickness. Cut with small cutter.
2. Drop 2 or 3 at a time in hot fat.
3. Have ready another kettle of boiling molasses, as soon as fried, drop into boiling molasses
4. Remove and drain.

Black strap
Ginger Beer
Hasty Pudding…

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