Can you drink vodka and coke at the same time as wkd?!

Question: Can you drink vodka and coke at the same time as wkd?
Is it safe to drink some vodka and coke then drink wkd later?
i was just wondering, as i haven't drank much before and the eastenders storyline where somebody died because of drinking worried me.


Yeah you'll be fine lol. I've had a lot more different types of drinks in one night than that. And I've been fine :) just don't overdo it, or you'll feel rough the next morning.

Yes. People die of drinking when they have too much to drink - it doesn't matter which type.

i don't think u should drink vodka with coke i meant drink vodka will orange juice

yep, no probs, hell of a headache next day, but, wt f !

yep go for it!

what is wkd?

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