My two year old tasted some beer the other night that her dad left on the table?!

Question: My two year old tasted some beer the other night that her dad left on the table?
Now she keeps asking for more more more. What would you consider a safe amount to give her?


Bait, toddlers really like the taste of beer, but that doesn't mean you should give her any. No harm done, but you need to tell her firmly that beer is not for children and that Daddy made a mistake leaving it where she could taste it.

it is Absolutely, one hundred per cent NOT okay to give her any at all. It's sending a WRONG message and could expedite problems down the road.if your child has an addictive personality.
It's not a chance i'd be willing to take with my kid.

when myself or my younger siblings asked for a taste of beer/ wine/ whiskey we were not denied. Our parents let us taste it so we would not think of it as something special, just something for older people like driving. Now that we are grown up we see at as being very beneficial. None of us ever drank that much in college or high school. We drank socially, not to get drunk or anything. So, a sip here or there is not bad

I would allow her a sip. If you are matter of fact about it she will not think it is all that interesting. Make a big deal of it and she will be fascinated by it.

Raised 5 and grandma to 4.

For a two-year-old, I would say ZERO. Her brain is still developing. Besides, beer is an acquired taste. Why does she want more?

if you MUST just a sip ever so often..but really a 2 year old's brain is still developing and though that little alcohol likely will have no affect is it rly worth the risk?

I hope you're kidding.

give her some syrup of ipecac and tell her it's beer

Hahaha that's so funny! NOT. Please go be stupid somewhere else.

troll...? yes.

none!!!! shes 2!!!!!!!!!

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