Harshness of Hangovers Lessening Possible?!

Question: Harshness of Hangovers Lessening Possible?
I usually get pretty bad hangovers, but recently (I've been drinking a lot more), my hangovers aren't that bad. Is it possible that my hangovers are lessening the more that I drink?


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You're probably passing through a phase. When I first started drinking, probably for the first 8 years or so, I never got a hangover. With youth is a highly functioning liver and metabolism. As you get older, you'll need more rehydrating, sleep, pain meds, food, coffee, etc. to reboot the next day. Then, if you continue a heavy drinking pattern, eventually you'll start having a beer with breakfast, and boom, hangover gone. But then you'll have to be sipping all day to maintain.
May want to quit while you're ahead.

You can either just be getting used to it, or it is possible that your tolerance to alcohol is going up (aka being a heavyweight drinker). Short of those options your routine may have just changed, i always try to drink atleast a glass or two of water before passing out and it really helps to ditch the hangovers in the morning (they are primarily cause from dehydration).

Uni student, cmon' who knows more about drinkning

A variety of factors can affect hangovers. Chief among them is hydration and the quality of the alcohol. If you drink a lot of water, you hangover will be much less harsh. Second, top shelf liqueurs are more expensive for a reason- if you drink a lot o five 0'clock vodka, I'm sure you'd wake up feeling a hell of a lot worse than if you drank the same amount of Grey Goose or even Skyy.

I don't know. I'm 22 and it doesn't matter how much I drink -- I'm NEVER hungover. I take ibuprofen before bed, drink a glass of water, and pass out. I wake up feeling fine. My friends tell me it's a phase and at some point I will start to get hungover... until then, I'm enjoying this. I also only drink on the weekends.

Maybe it's because I drink Grey Goose instead of Skol. Who knows.

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