Is red wine ok during pregnancy?!

Question: Is red wine ok during pregnancy?

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You want to try to avoid any alcoholic beverages during your pregnancy. I would ask a doctor, because they no whats best for you and ur baby. Hope i could help!

NOOO, no alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, or illegal drugs are ok during pregnancy, you should also talk to your doctor about your medications as well, as they can be bad for the fetus.

Any of the above things could cause birth defects (physical, or mental) and even problems for the mother.

Is a big sister, has a mom in health care profession, also has an older step sister in health care for new mothers.

The results from the most comprehensive mother/baby/alcohol study ever done were released recently. The results:

Children of mothers who binge drank during pregnancy scored the worst (cognitive and motor skills)

Scoring almost as low are the children of mothers who completely abstained during pregnancy

Highest scoring children had mothers who drank while pregnant, but not to excess

Let's see if I can find the source...

EDIT: Thumbs down because I cited an actual study and not just opinion? Whatever, crazies...…

This is not the study I have read, but basically sayd the same thing.

Do you want to risk having a f***ed up baby? It's your choice really. There is new evidence that when a mother drinks during a certain early period of pregnancy, the amount required is yet unknown, the baby will have the facial deformities present in the illustration in the link below. If you notice, you'll sometimes see people around town with faces like this. You'll know that their mothers drank while they were pregnant.

There are many other possible risks. The point is that studies are ongoing and it hasn't all been figured out yet, how it all happens. Don't risk f***ing your baby up because you want wine.…

Of course a little is okay. Also, the doctor will probably tell you no because if he tells you it is okay then you happen to go wrong - you could turn around and blame him and that little bit of red wine! Be careful who you ask. Ha. Many healthcare people (not including physicians) are very certain of their opinions, but actually lack scientific data.

If you had ONE occasionally (and I mean not often at all here) there is no harm. Ultimately, ask your doctor. Each person is going to be a case-by-case scenario. You never know if there's something he/she (the doc) is tracking about you.

Absolutely not. What is someone named Brian doing getting pregnant anyway?

yes its healthy just dont overdose on it

just remember what you eat or drink so does the baby

I tink one glass is ok..but don't over do it.

Why risk it? It's not worth it.

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