Do you drink and drive?!

Question: Do you drink and drive?
When I say 'drink', I mean enough to blow over on the breathalyzer - whether or not your judgement is impaired.


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I drink. And, I drive. But, NEVER together. I have too much respect for myself, my fellow man and my freedom to do that.

Good luck and enjoy.

Nope. Just plain the wrong thing to do nowadays. If I drink a couple beers I better be waiting a good couple hours to make sure that's out of my system. Even then...

Absolutely not. I make sure there is always a bar within walking distance. Not worth risking killing someone and spending life in prison for one goof.

Be smart and crash on someone's couch or call a taxi.

I wouldn't drink anything if i knew I was driving, not even a glass of wine three hours before I was leaving. It just means I can be 100% sure I am alright to drive.

Never because I respect myself and humans, animals, etc.

yup. and i love it.

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