do u think i am a lightweight?!

Question: Do u think i am a lightweight?
i had 1 stella, 1 corona and half a guiness then later i had a shot a vodka then i had a shot of aftershock, jack daniels and sambuca in less than 5 mins and did some boosting for a train all this in space of 2-2 1/2 hours. im 6 ft and weigh bout 85kgs - 187 lbs i had dinner but wen i went out i still felt hungry!


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If you drank it quickly no wonder you felt the effects. The most drunk ive ever been was after 2 very generous double bacardi and cokes and a couple of shots of apple sours. It was not much alcohol but I drank the lot in literally 5 minutes and hadn't eaten much before and everything was spinning for the entire evening. On other days I can drink regularly and all evening with shots thrown in every now and again and hardly feel it. I bet it was the shot that did you :)

Well did it get you wasted? If so then yes, I'm afraid I consider you a lightweight.

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