Will drinking alone take the pain away?!

Question: Will drinking alone take the pain away?
im depressed as **** im thinking of walking to the store and buying hard liquor and beer so i can get shitfaced alone.. i want to be alone right now and cry listening to the type of music i love. is it a good idea to get really drunk alone? have you got drunk alone before?


HE11 YES!!! I'm about to do the same thing, going to walk to the store get me a fifth of some hard liquour and listen to some music! I too am depressed I have no girl and got nothing better to do tonight but drink and listen to music and watch tv.

Go ahead!
What you may find out though, hopefully, is that alcohol is not called a 'depressant' for nothing, not just for its' immediate effects but for the hangover that comes for the next day or two. Or more.
Go ahead and cry, crying's good for the soul. Mixing crying and alcohol in a self-pitying chasm of woefulness and sorrow is something I've learned to shy away from - not encourage in myself or anyone else. Perhaps you learn this someday, beginner!

I have drunk a fifth of rum alone to get me through some really bad times.

Alcohol is the best friend I have ever had,
If you abuse it, it will be the worst enemy you can imagine.

For depression, go ahead and drink alone.
But keep in mind that you have to face tomorrow.

Just as the sun
lives and then dies
broken dreams can be mended
and taught how to fly.
(From a French poet)

Get drunk, fall asleep, and fight like hell in the morning.

Many of us have gunslingers' disease where we feel the need to prove
ourselves every day. On those days when we fell short, alcohol kept
us going. One of the greatest days of my life was when I realized
Doc Holiday didn't have the guts to meet me in the noonday sun.

hell i get drunk, and high alone all the time.. i suffer from depression and it really helps me feel better

but dont drink too much, u dont want to get alcohol poisoning

it will make it worst. u'll gets tuck on drinking if you think it will solve probs. just live life and calm down. hope ur issues work out by the way

All the cool people drink alone

no not really ur problems wont go away.

been there done that. nope makes you turn into a bulbbering baby

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