With under 8 dollars what can I get for a good buzz?!

Question: With under 8 dollars what can I get for a good buzz?
and something that doesn't taste horrible?


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Box of wine - the white zin or chablis are usually less than 10 dollars

Nutmeg, about 5 grams should do it.
Really, it will, but don't. It's wrong.
Make you kind of sick as well.
Sailors used to use on long voyages to pass the time.
Btw, deaths have occurred with massive doses in young children, and mixed with copious quantities of narcotics. It'll just make you sick.

i don't know anything about street drugs, but for me a big bottle of mascato wine, its great, and i get a pretty good buzz, if you have never had a buzz before buy one bottle, if you have got a buzz before it might take atleast 2 bottles, its sweet and tasty

I know a lot of my friends choose Four Loko because it keeps them awake and gets them drunk... I don't really like the taste, but they tolerate it. I can't imagine that you'll feel to great the next day. Cheap alcohol makes the hangover worse...

Absolutely nothing. You might be able to get a joint, but since you posted this in a drinking category I don't think that's what you're looking for.

That's plenty of cash to get a good buzz from.

- half pint of Jack Daniels, or Jim Beam, or many other liquors
- one bottle of cheap wine
- four 40s
- a sixer of Budweiser or other beer

Walgreens has it's own beer now called "Big Flats" they sell it for 50 cents a can. It probably tastes like cat urine, but it's a cheap buzz.

A chocolate bar. (:

OMG if i had 8 dollars right now, I would buy chipotle!


if you're referring to food, i suggest, pizza.

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