what types of superslim cigarettes can i buy in alberta?!

Question: What types of superslim cigarettes can i buy in alberta?
i was with a coworker on our smoke break and she had these superslim cigarettes but i forgot what brand they were. what brands of superslims can i buy in alberta? they weren't vogues, the box was square-like rather than flat and rectangular and mostly black. are vogues even available in alberta?
p.s. smoking is bad, it causes cancer, i know, i know. i'm not a heavy smoker at all, i smoke export a gold/lights, i was just curious about these.


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They were probably virginia superslims uno, look them up online, they are not available locally that I know of, a least not in the US, I dont know about Canada.

I smoke the virginia superslim gold packs, they come in the little square box too.

There are Virginia Superslims, Glamour cigarettes brand, Esse, Karelia Slims - all these cigarettes brands you can buy at dicsount price at Cigarea.com


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