What Does It Feel Like To Be Drunk?!

Question: What Does It Feel Like To Be Drunk?
I'm only fourteen, so it will be a while until I drink, if I do at all, but I was wondering what it felt like? And if it does makes you feel bad, why would you drink it?


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There are different types of drunkenness, depending on how much you drink but, in general, you become more confident, everything seems funnier, conversation flows and you like everybody more. Steadily, you lose your inhibitions and many of your problems seem really trivial now. Dancing seems like the best idea in the world, with singing really loud is a close second.
It's a really great feeling to be honest.
Of course, if you take it too far then you may do something you regret the next day: anything from making an inappropriate joke to ******* a complete stranger without protection.
You may also become nauseous and throw up, and the hangover is never a lot of fun.
As far as I'm concerned, the consequeces be damned, and I'll take the hangovers. Getting drunk is just too god damned much fun. You're only young once.

Everyone drinks for different reasons and everyone reacts differently to alcohol. I have a very specific attitude to alcohol. I am a social drinker. I would only ever ever drink with other people and it makes me a bit more outgoing, I can talk to people and dance and have a laugh and say silly things. I don't see the need to drink loads, and I drink until I reach my limit so I don't ruin the fun with stupid decisions or a hangover.

it depends people have different reactions to alcohol. i personally get really happy want to dance and have a good time. some people are angry drunks or even sad emotional drunks. if you drink too much it will make you sick. but usually fun comes before sick. and sick never last too long. well not for me anyway. then there are hangovers.

was drunk last night

Bull! Grab a beer and drink it through a straw with a pin hole punched in the side of the straw so that air is drawn in with it. Drink it fast.

That way you get a fast buzz to see what it is like and it will not last long or give you a hang over because the quantity of alcohol is so low.


Everyone is different.

It feels like an airplane. Lol jk I wouldn't know.

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