How do you avoid hangovers?!

Question: How do you avoid hangovers?
before you begin drinking, is there something you do to avoid a hangover the next morning? or once you have a hangover, how do you get rid of it??


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Like my (dead) lush friend would say, 'stay drunk'.

A hangover is essentially dehydration.

Therefore, to avoid a hangover, drink 2 tall glasses of water before you fall asleep after drinking. This is hard to accomplish if you're completely wasted, but in that case it's your own fault for getting completely wasted in the first place. This method is extremely effective.

If you have a hangover and want to get rid of it, the same rule applies. You're dehydrated, so drink water. Have a good meal with bready things and protein. Take some aspirin if you have a headache. After that, you just have to wait a while until it wears off.

Only foolproof way to avoid a hangover is not to drink. Alternatively ensuring you drink plenty of water throughout your drinking and not drinking too much too fast lessens the chances of getting a hangover. The more you drink the worse your hangover will be. In find that a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed works wonders. If you get a hangover, drink plenty of water, eat something as soon as you feel you can and try and do something, like go for a walk.

You can try all the above but you just got to accept that if you're going to get smashed you're going to pay for it in the morning. Happy drinking :)

Well there some kind of pill out there that you take before you drink or after you wake up with a hangover. i saw a commercial for it but i dont remember what its called.

as for me... when I drink i dont do anything the night before to deal with a hangover. I dont really get super bad ones but if they are bugging me I take a shower, eat something solid but not to where im stuffed, throw on some sunglasses, have both a cup of coffee and a cup of orange juice, and take some excedrine migrain stuff. it usually works to keep it away or numb it down so that I can go outside and actually function.

Well I have never had one as I don't see any point in over-binging on anything. Have woke up feeling fairly thirsty though. I was told that dehydration is mostly at the root cause of hangovers though. Perhaps you should ensure you drink plenty of WATER not alcohol at the time to ensure your liver is functioning properly. Don't forget that officially alcohol is a poison, so treat it with respect and you should be able to enjoy it without damaging your body. Drink to enjoy yourself, not to end up on a cold slab.

I used to get the WORST hangovers until I stopped drinking hard alcohol(even mixed drinks) and stuck to beers and wine.

The liquor will multiply your hangover so try to avoid it and stick to beers/wine.

How about not drinking at all if you can't drink responsibly.

Drinking milk begin drinking!

maybe drink less, pace yourself and know your safe limit. Drink lots of water between drinks and another before going to bed.

consume your alcohol in moderation.

There's really no way to avoid them unless you just don't drink so much.

To avoid them you don't drink xD

ne pas boire en premier lieu, ce une question stupide

Don't drink...I don't think you really can get rid of one

drink lots of water!

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