Why when I drink do I end up in crazy places.?!

Question: Why when I drink do I end up in crazy places.?
Why when I drink a lot of Smirnoff do I end up in the weirdest places in the morning, for instance 2 days ago I woke up and I was laying in my underwear in the local church. It only seems to end up this way when I drink Smirnoff with my gay friend (this is what he supplies), I am not gay just he is a fun time and his friends know how to party. When I drink with my other friends, normally drinking something cheap like Four Loko, I end up in the place I should be like a bed or at worst a kitchen floor. Could it be the how different types of alcohol effects me or how I party or who I may be with. All help would be greatly appreciated because I don't want to one day wake up in the wrong place in just my underwear.


are you kidding ? that is pathetic. I agree the your "friends" put something in your drink and probably raped you so, STOP drinking with them!!

number one if drinking vodka causes you to end up in places with just your underwear on, you don't need to drink at all, because it sounds like you cant handle alcohol. and far as four loco goes it don't have alot of alcohol in it, it does have caffeine in it, maybe that's all you can handle, because once again if vodka causes you to end up in weird places, you don't need to drink at all.

i also have a feeling you are under age, so my advice is not to drink at all untill you get alittle bit older

Do you ever wake up with a sore a.s.s the morning? Dude, your gay friend slips GHB into the smirnoff that he supplies?

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