What are drinking games for 3 girls?!

Question: What are drinking games for 3 girls?
Me and my girls trying to have fun tonight, any drinking games for three people? were not trying to be lesbians. ty :)


Well I hope you guys had a fun time for the night in question. As for next weekend I can recommend a few games:

1. Power Hour - Always a fun game. Just search youtube for "power hour" and you can find hundreds of choices. Basically you have to drink a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. A power hour mix will be either video or music clips each a minute long to keep you on pace, and also keep you entertained.

2. Any TV/Movie Drinking Game - Choose a movie or tv show you want to watch. Make up rules pertaining to the show that if they happen, then you have to drink. (Ex. Drink every time the main actor swears/has sex/gets in a fight/etc). I recently played the X-games drinking game where we had to drink every time Shaun White was mentioned (We got hammered).

http://www.collegehaze.com - Resource for everything college, especially fun drinking game ideas!!

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