How to best deliver alcohol to the rectum.?!

Question: How to best deliver alcohol to the rectum.?
I only have a small amount of vodka left, but want to get smashed. I've heard that you can get drunk more efficiently by putting the liquor in your bum. Without a syringe, what is the best way to do this?


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An enema. Buy an enema bag or a Fleet's Enema at the drugstore, if you go the Fleet's Enema route, pour out the saline inside and wash it really well. But be warned that someone won a Darwin Award for rectal administration of two bottles of sherry.

get some tubbing, the rubber kind. get a funnel, stick the funnel in the tubbing. put the other end in ur bum. and dump it in the funnel. good luck


its also a good way to die, if you put anything up your butt if doesnt get filtered through your liver. how about you just go buy more liquor?

For one day delivery, Fedex is probably the best bet.

Loser you want it in your blood stream if anything


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