I have disclaimers, do you think there is anything wrong with them? listed....?!

Question: I have disclaimers, do you think there is anything wrong with them? listed....?
Disclaimer #1: I am incapable of lying, crying, stealing and feeling sympathy!
Disclaimer #2: I use a RYDER truck to haul my self esteem around.
Disclaimer #3: I have Disclaimer #4 do to my Lead Poisoning.
Disclaimer #4: Do not be upset if I forget to call.
Disclaimer #5: There is no Disclaimer #5, skip to Disclaimer #6 please...
Disclaimer #6: No Religion please. I do not believe in it.
Disclaimer #7: All disclaimers except #1 are subject to change at anytime.
Disclaimer #8: Creatures that fly scare the **** out of me, except Moths,


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I dont get it

You had me, then you lost me at 'no sympathy' ..what you got green blood?

Trade it all for a little empathy..

Once you got nothing left to feel, you might as well go for the overdose..

Love, no matter the cost.

It says to me you are a very disturbed/confused person, and may need help..

To me it sasys you are a very disturbed person.

To each their own hon! I have seen some of the most beautiful creatures flying in the form of moths. To thine own self be true.

I think that clues the reader into what he/she would be getting into, but for it to be legally enforceable in all 50 states I believe you need 10.

Disclaimer #9: all previously said expires today


Disclaimer 9: Insane Bouncy fools need not apply

What does this have to do with " beer, wine & spirits"???

That's messed up.

Do I think there is anything wrong with these disclaimers?

Being incapable of lying and stealing... that's admirable.
Being incapable of crying and feeling sympathy... that's psychotic.

Saying you use a Ryder truck to haul your self esteem around implies that you have a lot of self esteem... but then asking for permission/opinions on whether or not you should pursue your latest "infatuation" contradicts this claim about how much self esteem you have.

Stating that lead poisoning is the cause of an inability to remember things is one thing... but knowing you have an issue remembering things and asking for a free pass instead of taking steps to improve your memory (writing things down, recording auditory messages to yourself etc), that's just irresponsible. Are you going to blame the lead poisoning for not being able to remember to do anything about your short-term memory issues? You can't, since you remember to *blame* the lead poisoning.

Religion... nothing wrong with being an agnostic or an atheist.

All Disclaimers except the first are subject to change at any time? Why? What secret cure do you have for the short-term memory loss caused by the lead poisoning that you haven't put into use yet? How can that one change at any time?

We all have fears. Some of us are better than others at pushing those fears aside.

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