Alcoholic drinks that don't taste like alcohol?!

Question: Alcoholic drinks that don't taste like alcohol?
I can now legally drink but I have very little knowledge about alcohol so I have no idea what to order when I go out. I hate anything that tastes like alcohol, and definetly not anything milky or creamy.
I prefer stronger drinks since I'm actually a really slow drinker. So yeah any suggestions for drinks that can be ordered at most bars and clubs would be great. Thanks.


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Malibu Bay Breeze, tastes like fruit punch, it's malibu coconut rum with pineapple juice and a splash of cranberry.

I'm a bartender

To me, the kinds of drinks that taste highly alcoholic is anything with a lot of vodka in it. Also, should you drink too much of it, vodka tastes particularly horrible 'coming back up'. Try low-alcohol drinks (alcopops) as they really just taste like koolaid etc, and you will be able to drink them faster because of their lighter, sugary taste. If you don't like that idea, you could try glasses of wine, sipping whiskey or bourbon. The alcoholic content in wine is fairly high and wines are supposed to be drunk slowly... same goes for whiskey and bourbon.

Hope some of my suggestions have been helpful. Safe and happy drinking! Oh and always remember to stick to the one kind of drink all night - eg don't mix spirits with wine.

EDIT: personally I would steer clear of very high alcoholic drinks such as Long Island Ice Tea for now, unless you've already been drinking for a couple of years and know what you can and can't handle. It's hard to tell just how much alcohol your body can handle until you know your limits.

Depends on what you like but try these simple ones:

-Tequila & Orange Juice (with a lemon if ya want)
-Vodka & Orange Juice
-Gin & Tonic
-Rum & Coke
-Seven & Seven
-Jack & coke
-Long Island Iced tea (<-- careful with this one man)
-Mai Tai

Not all at once, of course

A long island iced tea! Tastes just like iced tea but boy do they pack a punch! Drink one and you'd never believe that its nothing but booze... until you stand up and then you'll believe it! lol Have fun and be safe!

Alabama Slammer is sweet and if made right doesn't have a strong alcohol flavor. If made a certain way, Long Island Iced Teas can pack a wicked punch without the alc taste.

Drinks of choice:

Long island iced tea.
Amaretto sour.
Malibu straight.


vodka orange
vodka raspberry and
vodka sunrise (my favourite)

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