I need to expand my beer palate...what should I try if I already like...?!

Question: I need to expand my beer palate...what should I try if I already like...?
Miller High Life and Blue Moon?


I haven't tried either of those beers. Looking Miller High Life up I see that it's a pilsner style beer. A couple of pilsner beers I like are Stella Artois, a Belgian beer. Also Beck's a German one, is one of my favourites. I like them in that they're light and crisp. You could try them if you haven't already. Another beer that I know some people to like is Pilsner Urqell. It is from the Czech Republic.

Looking up Blue Moon, it seems to be a white beer. Check out www.whitebeer.com for information. At the bottom they have some popular white beers listed.

Another more common variety of white beer is hefeweizen. If you ask next time you're at the liquor store if they have any hefeweizen, they may be able to point you to some. (Sounds like heffe, (both e's pronounced short), vitz, (long i) en (short e) - if you want to pronounce it properly.) :)


Shocktop, leinenkugel, hogaarden. they are all wheat ales light blue moon. leinenkugel also has seasonals. if you want to broaden your beer horizon try a lot of micro brews.

i bartend

try to quit. x 15 years. then oops started again. just don't drink like a pig now.

Leinenkugel, killians

Next time you go to the bar ask for a Bluecastle. If you like that then you might like Newcastle. But maybe not.


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