2 id's to buy tobacco?!

Question: 2 id's to buy tobacco?
ok so last night i went into a gas station to buy a cigar. I'm 20 but i do look relatively young. So, i came up and asked for my cigar and gave the lady my id (military id). She then asked me if i had another id, which i did, and i gave it to her. She put them both together and looked at them like a had some fake id's or something lol I asked why she needed two id's though and she said it's a law since june 26 2010 in Iowa. I think it's BS honestly and i told her that doesnt sound right and i've never had to show 2 id's for tobacco, but i want to know if anyone knows this for certain because i could find nothing about it on google.


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I'm in Iowa, and I'm pretty certain the law is not two IDs. I follow the news pretty well, and I haven't heard anything at all about any new laws related to two IDs. That, and my fiance smokes and he's never had to show two IDs (I don't even think he has two). I think that woman was just being a pain or making stuff up in her head.

In my state there's a special id for purchasing alcohol every state is different and have different laws but iv never heard of needing 2 ids for tobacco.

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