What kind of social places can you go to where you can bring your own booze and drink it?!

Question: What kind of social places can you go to where you can bring your own booze and drink it?
Like as in a restaurant, although restaurants are usually not permitted to let you, nor would they want you to bring your own.

Public places outside are usually out of the question as it's illegal to drink outside where I'm from, Canada, unless there are some exceptions? I understand many European countries have no laws against public alcohol consumption.

Basically I want to hang out with friends and have a few sometimes without having to pay the high restaurant/bar prices for beer, etc. Also those atmospheres are sometimes so loud that they're not so fun to be at.

At my place and most friends places are not options either.


...The Laundromat ! (just keep it in a brown-bag)

Nowhere, actually.
Any business that sells alcohol will not allow you to bring your own.
It's illegal to "drink in public", and if you are a minor, ANYWHERE is illegal for you to have it or drink it.
If you can't drink "at your place or your friends' places", you are obviously a minor who is stealing liquor from his parents liquor cabinet.

Friends houses and few restraunts not many other public places will let you bring your own alcohol these days because they want to make heaps of $$$ of everyone


The only place I can think of is a strip club. And then it's only SOME strip clubs.

outside bars and grilles. the crab shack might kick you out

get friends with houses....stupid canadian....

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