future alcoholic???????!

Question: Future alcoholic???????
It's in my dad and mom, im almost 15, i have tried some painkillers and have been drinking sparingly for about a year now. My question is, What is the point of not killing myself if I know I will most likely end up an addict, even though I am very smart and athletic? my step parent doesn't believe me when i saay i havvvee depression


I'm a recovered alcoholic and I now work in a drug/alcohol rehab clinic and I can tell you for certain that you don't have to be a future alcoholic or addict, if you are genuinely depressed go and see your doctor about it, he is not allowed to tell your parents if that's what you're frightened about.

If you're as smart as you say you are, you will realise that taking pain killers and drinking alcohol is not the answer, you say "It's in my dad and mom" if you mean they are alcoholics that doesn't mean you are destined to be one, alcoholism is NOT hereditary though it could predispose you to the problem.

If you need any more advice you are welcome to mail me.

You told your parent that you had depression, she probably thinks your doing it for attention.
I didn't tell anyone that I was sad when I was 13, I didn't feel like I could trust them.
I instead plotted my suicide over the course of a few days, I ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks but even after that my mom still believed that I just wanted attention =(
I didn't talk to a counselor but I started reading and writing songs, poetry, stories anything with meaning to it, I also began talking to God which I'm not very religious and I don't follow any church but I do see myself as a spiritual person =)
My goal now is to be a writer, musician and actress and it is a dream that I will never give up on.
Maybe you should throw yourself into something that brings you happiness and if you want maybe you should begin a relationship with God<3
Remember the sorrows of life but embrace the joys.

My Opinions.

What IS the point?
What do we care?
We are nameless, faceless people on the internet.
We couldn't care less about you or your problems.
Only you can help yourself.
You either choose to not become an addict, or you don't.
You either choose to 'get help' or you don't.
But ONLY YOU can do it.
Depression is just an excuse.
Edit: PS - Re RON's comment about how doc's aren't "allowed" to tell your parents your medical problems... HE'S COMPLETELY WRONG. BY LAW, since you are a minor (you say you're 15), any medical professional who treats you and finds anything wrong with you that requires treatments MUST tell your parents, because legally they have to consent for you to be treated.
I know this because I'm a healthcare provider, and if you were my patient, the FIRST thing I would have to do is tell your parents you needed medication for depression, if you meet the medical criteria. By law you could not get treatment of any kind (not even a bandaid) without their consent.

If your parents are alcoholics, it's a coin-toss as to whether or not you've inherited it. Get as much education about the disease as you can. And talk to a counselor. Other than that, welcome to being 15 years old. Life sucks. Parents don't understand. Killing yourself? Selfish, immature, lazy, cowardly, unexciting option.

If you feel that you are depressed and your parents wont listen to you then you should see your guidance counselor or school psychologist. there are also many hot lines available in every state and they are there to talk to or listen to you and try to guide you

...Yep ! you're on your way to being a full blown BOOZE freak ! ...enjoy the trip ! I did !

Listen to Ron above.
Fair comment & sound advice.
Seek help.

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