i need help, i think i have a drinking problem?!

Question: I need help, i think i have a drinking problem?
im 15, and i never started drinking till summer of 2010. i was always the good girl of my friends. all my friends started drinking three years ago, and i waited two and a half years after them to even try it. i love the feeling so much, and on the weekends, i go to parties, and its very hard not to drink when i am out. everyone around me is doing it, and i have very easy access to alcohol, so that is why i can drink it so easily. i dont drink on school nights, but on the weekends, i usually drink fridays and saturdays. i can't go a weekend without doing it, and i dont know if twice a week is too much, but i think its a bad start. i need to stop so bad, i feel like i will gain weight, because i already have been! and if you're going to write back saying that i'm too young to be drinking, then i dont care cause i've already started and now i need help. its a habit. ive tried so hard to have sober weekends, and it doesnt work! PLEASE HELP :(


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you know i wasted 35 yrs of my life thinking everybody drinks its so cool ,until i found out people that drink do drugs and such are not cool they're sad *** people have nothing to do in life but party and drink .messed up two marriages was not there for my kids like i shouldda been .drinking yourself into a drunken mess is not cool .learn early life is a good place if you stay away from it .it will only mess up your life .i don't remember my younger yrs. think god i still had brains enough to see those drunks i hang around with were just that drunks and losers ...smarten up kid you'll be glad you did believe me as for how to stop.do what i've done for 30 yrs now. i say no thanks i don't drink anymore .i drink cokes ,coffee .tea.milk.if i'm offered anything else i say no thanks.not even 1 that 1 leads to more

I things you should not follow to your friends,even she is your best friends. You should enjoy with your friends but no follow with bad habit.

You only get one shot at life so live it to the full

The medical definition of alcoholic is a person who physically tries, but CANNOT STOP DRINKING.
You just said that you "try to have a sober weekend and can't".
This means you are an alcoholic, and the ONLY thing you can do, for the rest of your life, is to NOT DRINK ALCOHOL.
You need Alcoholics Anonymous. Will power alone won't do it.
You need to get caught drinking and go to jail. Someone needs to tell your parents that you're a drunk. Maybe they can do something to actually help you.

Only that will actually stop you, and maybe not even that. Most alcoholics have to 'hit bottom' before they get help -- which means losing everything and everybody in their life.
It's a life-long battle. The urge to drink NEVER goes away.

Nurse, used to have friends who were addicts.

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