Why do the British hate American Beer?!

Question: Why do the British hate American Beer?
There's more of a variety then just Budweiser. Haven't they heard of Deschutes black porter? its a good American beer


Most good American beers are made in such small batches that a lot of it doesn't make it to foreign markets. Hell, a lot of good American beers you can't even get in the entire US let alone another country. I'm almost sure that you can't buy the beer you mentioned on the East Coast of the US. I've never seen it here anyway, and I frequent a pretty extensive beer distributor.
If they did import it to the UK, it would be prohibitively expensive for the customer, which wouldn't make any sense seeing as how they can get a good domestic ale or porter from England for much cheaper.

Deschutes is a local beer of the Pacific Northwest. People in Britain never get to taste it, unless they are in an American Microbrewery of course. The beers that America primarily exports and sell in popular tourist locations are usually cheap, crappy beers. That is why other countries hate our beer; many American's are corporate @$$holes who don't know the first thing about good beer.

zarn makes a wonderful point, there are literally thousands of local and national "microbreweries" in america that produce inventive, traditional, and downright wonderful beers. i just dont think they export alot. many are very small operations. anyway alot of the beers we get from over seas suck to, i would love some great german beer but its hard to find a distributor who brings it in, also the distributors are all political, the big guys like bud and miller have their hands in it, every great import that gets into stores and bars takes away their money...POLITICS just like everything else smh...oh bty brewing your own can be really fun if you take the time =D

Because, to paraphrase Monty Python: It is like making love in a canoe.

I would guess that Dogfish Head and other small or micro breweries have offerings that are of excellent quality. It's just that they're not very well known outside of their respective communities, whatever that may be.

3/2% low alcohol content in most beers in the US nowhere near compares to the 6 or 7% alcohol content beers in the UK

good question i like my american beer especially Budweiser and another good beer is Busch light

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