If I drink a whole bottle of wine (8% alcohol), will I get drunk?!

Question: If I drink a whole bottle of wine (8% alcohol), will I get drunk?
just wondering.


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A fifth of wine (750ml bottle) will get you drunk. To the guy who said that 8% is a weak drink, he is wrong. A standard beer is 5%-5.5%, a light beer is about 4%-4.5%. THAT is a weak drink. It is not really about the alcoholic percentage in the drink, it's how much you have of it that matters. Eg a shot of vodka is the alcoholic equivalent of a glass of wine, even though the quantity of liquid is far less. Wine is not a weak alcoholic drink, just have a glass or two if you must.

Not really a good idea for anyone to be drinking that much wine in one sitting.

probably not 8% is really nothing. That's a weak drink so even if you chugged the entire bottle I don't think you'd be so drunk (unless you're under 100 pounds) if you just want to drink to get drunk then drink something stronger like vodka that will get you pissed quick :)

It depends on your tolerance, generally a wine bottle is a fifth. So if you get drunk off of four cans of beer you can say you will get drunk from a bottle of wine.

Getting drunk is the least of your worries. Throwing up and feeling like something the cat ate and then threw up and alcohol poisoning are far worse.

depends on your tolerance. probably a little tipsy if your so/so used to it.

yup.. it depends on your tolerance

if u are a lesbian

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