does starburst candy have real strawberry juice in it?!

Question: Does starburst candy have real strawberry juice in it?
My 4 year old son may have a strawberry allergy and he wants to have the original starburst candy. I gave them to him yesterday and no hives, but today he woke up with hives all over. Is there real strawberry flavoring in these candies?


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here is a list of ingredients:…

looks like there is some juice in them.

good luck!

Th corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial colors would deter me from giving the candy to my three-year-old daughter (or myself). If I thought my daughter had a food allergy, I would read the ingredients on a product before giving ti to her. For that matter, I do a lot of label reading because I'm concerned about what my daughter does and does not eat.

It's made with real fruit juice so yes

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