Question: Hangover............?
Last night I went to my first party. I hadn't eaten in a while and I drank a lot, and got drunk, but then I drank a lot of water and ate a banana, which I heard prevents hangovers. I don't feel and sort of headache or anything, but my stomach reeeaally hurts. How can I fix this? I already ate this morning.


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Sleep, water, time

This always happens to me, never a headache but a nasty stomach ache.
I always just take an Ibuprofen and lay down for a while. A nap tends to help. Water helps too, stay hydrated.

the first time I drank I had no headache the next morning, just a stomach ache. so it sounds like what you have. drink a lot of water and even if you did eat, eat more. eat starchy stuff and fatty stuff.

Take it easy.
Eat fruits and vegetables.
Stay away from fatty or greasy foods.
They will make you feel worse.
And obviously...Don't drink.

drink medicine for head, drink a lot of water and eat bananas . . .

Just take it easy and stay in bed, this is very normal.

i hate coca cola but it works very good for hangovers!!!!

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