should I let him go????!

Question: Should I let him go????
he is my best friend. he feels like my other half. Never felt this way about a guy before. I tell him everything. He said he wanted to date me. than he changed his mind. Says he is still inlove with his ex. But his ex is so mean and sends him mean emails. we talk every day. he says he would be sad if I asked him to stop talking to me. but he only likes me as a friend now. Says we will "NEVER" be more than friends. But I can't stop crying. its been over a week since he told me. Do I let him go? or should I keep trying? he understands me. he gets me. I get him and understand him. Says not many people understand him. says to never stop talking to him. I can't find my self. He made me a mess. he ripped out my soul. I feel dead. I'm tired of crying in the dark everynight. Should I let him go? or still try?


Let go now and heal your heart...otherwise if you keep trying you will continue to hurt over and over, daily even. His actions and words do not match. You cant love him enough to change him or get him.

sorry this is the wrong place for this. this is a question that would be best asked under the relationship section, you'd get better answers for it there.

I think you should see what happens for a little, his probably still trying to figure out what he wants and plus you guys are still young!

Why did you post this in beer wine and spirits. This is the wrong section. Try posting in the correct section.

So--I guess you should just get drunk and forget about him for a while.

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