Reasons To Upgrade a bar tavern?!

Question: Reasons To Upgrade a bar tavern?
I am trying to formulate reasons for a restaurant/bar/tavern to move to highspeed internet. Currently the owners pay $20/mth for dialup accounts, and they seem to think its acceptable... I am very tech savvy and wish they would move to highspeed. Theres a deal in town to get highspeed for the same price they're paying right now for their current.

Not only that their security system is presently on old 'coax'; Which from my prospective, is old tech. (and from what I hear doesnt work). they've been very tight on budget, and will move if the conditions and reasons are right... Just wondering from other ROI junkies out there, if you can come up with a business reason for them to move to highspeed...... I am going nuts there.

Please be specific in a business sense. Dont just say 'because its faster'.. :)

The owners are not really 'internet' users, and the town their in most of them barely use PC's... But... as a tech savvy person as I am, I am hoping to change the community slowly, but I need to start coming up with a plan to slowly change..


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Try the computer section. We care less about this idea then what you had for breakfast. I would not go to a bar based on internet service.

Try and find a tavern or bar near them that has such a service and try and show that they are falling behind the times. You can also use the point that some point they will have to up grade and why not do it now and pay nothing as they have these promotions on. Other wise find another bar and tell them why you are leaving and bring some other customers with you. Good Luck

The question that presents itself is, why do you care about the bar's internet speed and security? Are you their auditor? Their neighbor? Their bartender? If someone doesn't want to be dragged into the present, oh well.

Is it going to bring more customers?
I doubt it!
Is it going to make them buy more drinks/food when they get there?
Once again I doubt it!
You are trying and failing to flog a very very dead and smelly horse to somebody who's doing very well walking!

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