after a night of drinking why do i sometimes feel shakey and exhausted, a little like when youre nervous?!

Question: After a night of drinking why do i sometimes feel shakey and exhausted, a little like when youre nervous?

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Alcohol is a diuretic and so it drains the body of water. With that water is washed out the water-soluble electrolytes. The electrolytes are need for muscle and cell function. So without them the muscle cells can't work properly and the nervous system is not firing exactly right. This causes the body to shake.

Dehydration and alcohol withdrawal. I'm going through the same thing as I type this and it's terrible. Today 'the shakes' are particularly bad and it feels like I can't drink enough water.

Alcohol withdrawal is your bodies response to heavy drinking. It needs, in fact craves more alcohol after drinking to excess and like with most drugs, when your body goes through detox it causes shakiness, fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, irritability, anxiety/depression and/or headache. On top of this, alcohol causes a drop in blood sugar which symptoms, include shakiness, fatigue and weakness so not only is it the withdrawal that's making you feel this way, but the low blood sugar as well.

Stay hydrated, stay away from sodas and caffeinated beverages, stick to water and 100% natural fruit juice. If and when you can eat, try to stick with light things like soups and crackers, don't eat anything greasy, buttery, or high in dairy. Really just try to get some rest, sleep as much as possible and it'll all be over soon.

Partly dehydration, drinking a couple of pints of water will help; but the main reason is you don't get very good quality sleep when you're really drunk - so you get the shakes/the fear/exhaustion in the same way you would if you had just stayed up all night without sleeping much at all.

Alchohol dehydrates need replacement fluids...or you may also be hypoglycemic meaning your blood suger may have dropped....try fluids like gatoraid to replace both

dehydration, if you dont drink a lot your body isnt accustomed to it, and it all goes straight to your brains effecting your endoprhins [usually these are rushed when you are happy]

Alcohol is dehydrating, you need to replace water to restore body electrolytes.

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