Do you think drinking 25 - 30 beers per week is a lot?!

Question: Do you think drinking 25 - 30 beers per week is a lot?
The beers are consumed 3-4 nights per week. Work and other activities are unaffected. Person usually is the only one drinking - other person in household doesn't drink. Trying to figure out if person has problem.


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Beer is not so bad for you as liquor. A lot of people drink a 6 pack after work a couple of nights a week and go out and drink on the weekends. As long as it doesn't escalate to drinking every day and larger quantities I wouldn't be to concerned about it. Although drinking alone is a sure sign that he likes the alcohol. Some people can control themselves and some can't. It depends on the personality. Some people have an addictive personality and don't have the ability to control a craving for something. If this person is strong and capable of controlling their actions they will probably be fine.

This is not necessarily alcoholism, but it is certainly not healthy.

Let's look at the arithmetic:
25/3 = 8+
25/4 = 6+
30/3 =10
30/4 = 7+

Even the smallest daily average is above 6.

Far too many.. Person is heading to alcoholism. 1 or 2 maybe OK.

Its a lot. It doesn't necessarily mean its a problem, though.

That is normal

get your five a day

yes, you should only have 10-15 max

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