Why are kids allowed at a bowling alley with bars?!

Question: Why are kids allowed at a bowling alley with bars?
This is probably a common sense question, but a lot of bowling alley's have full service bars, and kids come in with their parents to bowl for fun and teenagers come in a lot who are under 21, so it would be easy for a kid to get a quick sip of their parents drinks like if they went to the bathroom or something because a lot of people are at bowling alleys. Why are kids allowed at a bowling alleys with bars as opposed to a regular bar that has pool tables and stuff, because bowling alleys have pool tables too? I know this is sort of the same thing as at restaurants. Kids can go into restaurants with their parents, and the parents can order drinks, but there are always waitors walking around restaurants, so it would be harder for a kid to sneak a sip or two of the alcoholic beverage unlike a bowling alley where there are crowds of people. Just randomly was wondering about this. Never thought about it before. I'm of age to go to bars and stuff, and I know some private bars will allow 18 year olds to come in during the week, but at bowling alley their are kids and adults their with a full service bar. They have to make a fun public place for everybody, but it would be the same thing if a young kid went into a bar with their parents and played pool their or pin ball machines?


Try to open a business that does not allow children, and you will not only get a very fast answer to your question, but from a very angry mob of breeders!

There have been a few restaurants and places that put up signs and policies about parents watching their children, and that any loud or obnoxious children will be asked to leave, and these incidents made national headlines in the news.

We live in a society in which everything must be accessible to children, and everything, from television and radio programming, to bars and pool halls, must be dumbed down for children and everything today MUST comply to a "family" environment. "Family" meaning the toleration of loud screaming kids running around tormenting other adult patrons.

If any bowling alley were to put up a policy that children were not allowed, you would see the van driving soccer moms with signs protesting that poor business.

They feel they should have the right to force their undisciplined children on everyone, and that everyone must tolerate them and not dare say a word about it.

Daily observation in the real world.

It is legal to be underage and drink, but ONLY with your parents right there.

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