When I smoke weed I feel.....?!

Question: When I smoke weed I feel.....?
Better, calmer or happier, but I also feel a lot smarter. Well I'm already really smart but when I'm like 50% high( which is how I like it) I face to think harder about things then how I usually do when I'm clean. If Weed is for medical purposes then how does it destroy brain cells????? P.S. I smoked like only twice.


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It does not destroy brain cells. That is a myth to scare kids. Congradulations, you have discovered the wonders of marijuana. Now you know why it can be medicinal. The general population is grossly misinformed on weed, it has no dangers. Except that smoking is never really good for your lungs. But that's what vaporizers are for ;)

Well man being high just makes you feel great all around unless you over do it, so your gonna feel calm relaxed and just great haha. But idk about being smarter when your high. When your high your thought process changes causing you to think about things deeper. Weed is used medically because if some one is in pain or something getting high just gets there mind off it and makes then not think about it.

Been many times

If weed destroys brain cells, I'm in a world of hurt, I started smoking in 1968. Besides if it is harmful God has a wicked sense of humor, as cannaboids and their built in receptors within the brain are in the body naturally. Now after 5000 years of documented use my God would have found a way to show us if it were really bad for you

school of hard knocks for numbnuts......life

Amanda is the one to go to man listen to her

Weed does not "Destroy brain cells" this is a common misconception and is wrong.

Weed has different affects on people, it can be used to stimulate a part of your brain for a short period which may improve creative and imaginative tasks, and also allow you to submerge yourself into a project, work or task.

For example, When I smoke weed, I get much more creative writing computer programs and web site development, also when designing websites, I find it easier to have more creative ideas on the layouts and colours then when I am sober.
I also enjoy listening to music more and am definitely more calm and relaxed then my normal tensed up self.

I think weed can have different affects on different people, For me, It does help me relax and be a bit more creative and imaginative, But this may not be the case for everyone.

I think the way that marijuana is portrayed in our society is much more negative then what it should be. People say weed is bad for you because its a drug, Yes weed is a drug, but it has much less physical affects on the body then alcohol does and this is completely legal!.

Alcohol - Can make almost ANYONE violent after enough drinks, can severely destroy/stress your kidneys, liver, blood cells and brain, and can even kill in more serious circumstances & doses.

Marijuana (Weed) - (Worst thing I have done is raided the fridge for ice cream and chocolates!!) But can also lower your reaction times and can impair your driving (If you drive).
Weed doesn't make you violent, no one has died in history as a direct result of smoking marijuana, you cant overdose on marijuana and has no ill affects like a hangover, vomiting or day after "downers", (Not in all cases and everyone, everyone has different affects)

Personally, I think weed is MUCH safer then drinking, has much better affects on the individual (not in all cases but the majority) and can be a great (and safer!) way to release the stresses of life.

Weed can also be used to treat people who have Multiple Sclerosis and suffer from spasms to help "Calm" the brain cells that fire, to cause these spasms, and can also help in increase ones appetite. I think there is a lot more uses of marijuana in the medical field that science (& society) have discounted because "Its a drug", personally I think it can help alot more people if used correctly for the right things.

Weed can also help people sleep better, After smoking weed, the body releases "Melatonin", this is used in our bodies to regulate our sleep and body functions, After smoking weed, people tend to feel more tired and want to sleep (This is normal) and this is what causes that "drowsy" feeling after a spliff.
I use Marijuana to help with my sleep mainly, I suffer from insomnia and have tried everything on the market to help with my sleep. This is the only thing that actually helps and works really well to put me into a "Deep Sleep" as oppose to a "Light sleep" which I normally have which leaves me feeling very tired in the mornings.

Weed can have positive and negative affects on people, use your own judgement on how you feel after a spliff and make the decision yourself.


My own experience (Been smoking weed for around 8 years now)
& My own research done over the years.

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