how much pastis does it take to make you drunk?!

Question: How much pastis does it take to make you drunk?
the 45% kind. i've had 3 little glasses without water and nothing happened


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That is a good start, now have three more little glasses and you will be drunk.

Well, you can still spell !!
Maybe you have hollow legs !!

Personally, I would not stray too far from the Bathroom...and a bucket to the side of the Bed
with loads of water might be a good idea !! If the Wardrobe seems to be hitting you, shut your
eyes .you will float !! (one who knows) Resolve is good !

Drinking spirits doesn't have an instant effect if takes a while to be absorbed . So take it Easy.
Why Pastis? I had to google the bloody name before i knew what it was. why not start with something less exotic and strong like WKD or cider?

It depends on how often you drink alcohol and other things as to how much you can take. When a friend of mine first started drinking he would be drunk after two beers. Now that he drinks regularly he can can have 10+

it usually takes about 30% or more to get you really drunk. mixing drinks or drinking through a straw makes you drunk a lot quicker.

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