How long do you stay drunk for?!

Question: How long do you stay drunk for?
I'm 14. I had about 70% of a big can of four loko last night from 3-5 am. I ofcourse was drunk when I fell asleep at 5. I woke up 3 hours later at 8, how long would you expect I was still drunk for after I woke up? was I just hung over? how should I be now it's 4pm? thanks!


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You were sober at the time you wrote this.

well, 14 is a little young for that...
it all depends on your size and weight...
usually, it takes about 6 to 8 hours to completely recover,
sometimes more, depending on how much you drink...

it takes roughly an hour to metabolize a drink so if you have 10 drinks, you'll be drunk for 10 hours. i've def gone to sleep and woke up hammered in the morning. trust me, you'll know when you're hungover.

You could be buzzed for most of the day after drinking... just drink water and eat some sort of bread to soak up the alcohol in your system

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