how do cigarettes make u feel?!

Question: How do cigarettes make u feel?
What sort of feelings do they give you I don't care about health risks just the feeling


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Nothing at all I get no feeling at all. The nicotine would give me a slight lift and also something like a calming effect but that was it. I quite after my first carton and I suggest you do the same.

They make you feel lightheaded and lazy. It's an OK feeling I guess. I've been chewing tobacco for a year and a half. When I first started it gave me the same feeling. Now I just feel kind of calm when I do it. Dip is a lot nicer than cigarettes, at least I think.

If you're new to smoking they'll give you a head rush. Make you a little lightheaded, and dizzy. Not a fun feeling. After you've been smoking them for a while (1+ years) all they do is ease the craving. They help a little bit with stress, but not much.

former smoker

They give you a small tingling feeling and a burst of energy, lasts like 5-10 mins. Cigs don't really give you a buzz though it's not weed.

They make you feel like you should have never started smoking them.

Trust me I smoked for 6 years you are not missing out on anything. If you want to feel something smoke weed!

After a long day they make me feel relaxed. Thats pretty much the only time I smoke and about the only reason I still do.

They make me feel like James Dean.

Dizzy, and I get a headache.

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