Wine and Food Pairing?!

Question: Wine and Food Pairing?
I am wondering if a Creamy Chicken Lasagna (no tomatoes) would be good with a Cabernet Sauvignon wine?


It used to be you served chicken, fish, etc witha white wine, and beef, venison, etc with red wines. However, more commonly, is serving the wine you like best with whatever foods you may be eating. I think a cabernet sauvignon will be great with a creamy lasagna, as the dryness will balance with the pasta. Enjoy! (And I never think of pairing wine and's just weird to me!)

Your lasagna wants white wine, not red. Cabernet Sauvignon would be one of the worst pairings for it, due to high tannins (they compound that makes your mouth pucker and feel "dry") and high intensity. It's way too powerful of a wine for a delicate dish.

The best match for a cream-based lasagna with chicken would be a California Chardonnay that sees some malolactic fermentation (converts sharp malic acid to creamy lactic acid) and a touch of oak.

Something like one of the Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnays would be nice, especially the Les Pierres.

To best pair your Cabernet, you need a steak, some ribs, lamb, etc. Any richly flavored red meat that has some fat content to it.

I'm a sommelier.

Actual 'wine and food pairing' refers to the wine you may use to cook a dish with and drink the same wine with the food. To serve wine that compliments a dish is to serve a wine that doesn't clash with the taste of the food to be served. In this case, drink a wine you like with the food you like. If others think the same way, problem solved. You can offer a white wine also to go with your red Cab for those who think that white food is only served with white wine. Don't use any wine to cook with that you wouldn't drink. Cooking wine and cooking sherry are lousy. Use the real deal.

40+ yrs cooking, with lots of wine.

the Kroger grocery store website has a listing of wines to have with food

Im not sure but it would be good to try drinking it after eating the pasta without it

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