Does alcohol make you become dumb as a teen?!

Question: Does alcohol make you become dumb as a teen?
All my friends drink a great amount of alcohol at a time. I've always been kind of self conscious about my intelligence and am afraid alcohol will bring it down even more if i drink heavily. Anyone have any insight to this? Any drink a lot as a teen (18) and turn out fine?


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Alcohol does not make anybody stupid. It may be stupid to drink it if you are a teen but even then only if you drink alot and often. As a teen I drank like a fish and still managed to earn my Uni degree later in life and today I have a career. In retrospect I would chose to drink much less. If a young person and group of friends were smart they would never drink and drive. This alone would take a major concern away from those that protest teen drinking. I would also tell them that "a beer or two is cool but to be drunk your a fool" I just coined that one.

P, S.
Alcohol does not make anybody do anything. If you choose to be an stupid idiot when drinking then that is on you. Let's stop this blame game on others and objects and begin once again to take responsibility for our actions. A car does not start itself and force you to get drunk and drive, that is all your fault. The same can be said of the alcohol.

Alcohol does not kill brain cells but may interfere with their functioning.

No it doesn't. Alcohol does not make you stupid,i repeat IT DOES NOT. Don't let stupid people tell you otherwise. Weed, on the other hand, does make you stupid, don't do it. Alcolhol only damages your liver, and that's if you drink a lot constantly. I know a lot of people who drink a lot, and are not affected whatsoever academically (5 friends that are 4.0 students that drink) I am currently 17 and drink maybe once every two months for social occasions, but I know people who drink much more regularly that are just fine.

experience in life.

i agree with all of the above answers. so to add to it, drinking (or drugs) especially in your formative years will affect a lot of your abilities later in life. because you are learning how to deal, cope, understand, re-act, and actually feel your problems and situations as a teen, when you are drunk a lot, you're missing out on that. therefore when you're older you don't really know how. or, you just end up drinking again so you DON'T have to deal. and if you're too busy getting drunk, you're missing out on a lot of learning experiences. so in that way - yes, it does make you dumb later.

I am 14. I have only drank once, and I doubt I'm more stupid. I mean WHILE I'm drunk I am a dumb as$, asking the most ridiculous questions and laughing at everything while not knowing how to pronounce someone's name, but in general I doubt it would effect your brain unless you get wasted every day.

You really shouldn't drink a lot at ANY age. Alcohol definitely makes you do very stupid things and the hangovers aren't too much fun. Getting drunk is just irresponsible and is a lack of poor judgment.

Well, if you are underage then yes. I think it does because you tell yourself that you are more mature than you really are. You are making yourself grow up WAY to quickly. I just wouldn't suggest it, but drinking now and then.. who will that harm?

it doesnt physically effect your intelligence level, but it can effect your education if youre in school if you drank during the week at all, therefore you would not gain as much knowledge and let grades slip.

its kills brain cells so..i guess your intelligence would go down ...but the fact of JUST underage drinking is stupid so...yea i would say it would make you less intelligent ...

started drinking at 15 and led a rowdy party lifestyle of drinking (and some weed..) until about 19
i go to law school now and i'm doing good :)

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