How do you know if you are an alcoholic?!

Question: How do you know if you are an alcoholic?
If I don't have it I am fine, if I do I am fine but don't have to have it. My kids say I am an alcoholic. But I drink about 5 out of 7 days a week. Oh, I am a bartender. For 20 years. And when I drink it is mostly one then I go home. But when I get mad, its is overboard.


If you can't go without drinking. That's when you're an alcoholic.
If you are concerned, how about cutting down by even just one day a week?

Alcoholism has nothing to do with drinking alone, or your mood while drinking, or even how much you drink at one time. Alcoholism is a dependency on a chemical. It manifests itself differently for different people, but you will know if you are an alcoholic, because you will feel a need for that drink.

It sounds like your real problem is binge drinking prompted by emotional stress, which can lead to serious problems of many different kinds.

Talk to your doctor about your drinking. Try stopping drinking for an extended period, a week or two. If you cannot do this you will need more help.

Sorry my friend but you are an alcoholic,And when you say you go mad you mean you go binge drinking,Cutting your drinking down one day a week will not work as you will make up for it the next day.
You have two choices,You can get help to stop,or you can drink yourself into bad health,Please try and get help.

24years recovering alcoholic

I've been a bartender for almost 20 years too. I always have a beer or 2 after work, occasionally I have a few more on friday. I don't consider myself an alcoholic.

you sound fine to me, your last sentence was a bit of a red flag though. if you go "overboard" often and it affects your life in a negative way, then you might have some alcoholism issues.

when you wake up and before you even think about eating or before you eat you drink, or if you dont want to drink but it hurts you not or u just cant seem to control when or how much you drink, it would seem like you cant deal with things or issues without a drink, if thats you then probably should talk to someone, but drinking alone not a sign, im a mom and my hubby is a marine so is gone so much everyone once in awhile after a long day and kids r asleep I will have a glass or to of wine and just enjoy the quiet

It depends on what youre drinking too tho. Like, my dad drinks a few beers almost everyday, but he doesnt get drunk, he's not an alcoholic tho.

If you drink and get like, really messed up 5/7 days in a week then yeaa, you are..

You can't have a good time , without having a beer .
P.S. There is no such thing as an alcoholic , The substance is like nicotine ,it is by nature a highly addicting substance .

Yes if you are using it to cope that is a problem. I always say people who drink way too early in the morning like before twelve is an alcoholic. I only drink a glass of wine maybe once a week.

When you drink alone

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