What white wine goes with mustard and lamb?!

Question: What white wine goes with mustard and lamb?
I'm making lamb chops with mustard and whiskey sauce, and I need a white wine that works with it. My girlfriend and I both prefer white wine. I like a sweeter wine like riesling or something similar while she likes a drier wine like chardonnay. I read online that white wine can actually go with lamb if you choose the right one, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Can anyone suggest a wine that is between what we both like that goes well with what I'm making so I don't have to buy 2 separate bottles?


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I always find it difficult to pair lamb with a white wine, but if that is what you like, there are a few options.
One would be a Albarino from the Rias Baixes region of Spain or from Argentina a Torrontes.
Both are dry white wines but nice acidity and citrus notes and lots of floral aromas.
My suggestions for the Albarino would be a Martin Codax or Burgans.
For a Torrontes, I like Trivento reserve.
All can be found between $10 and $14.

The obvious answer is red, but if I had to pick a white, I like the Albarino suggestion above (they don't tend to be sweet, though sweet wine would be a terrible paring here anyhow). Really, this will work much, much better with red.

I'm a sommelier.

Maybe a Pinot Grigio would work for you, or a Semillon Chardonnay

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