What temperature do you enjoy the most?!

Question: What temperature do you enjoy the most?
Well, around here it's creeping back Ito the 40s, and I love days when it's 50-60 degrees, I was wondering, how do u liek ur temp


It all depends what ur in the mood for, sometimes the sun, going to the beach, bbqs, all that fun stuff is great n than there's the winter get some blankets watch movies relax hang out, I look forward to anything that comes my way u just have to enjoy it, but I am blessed with this Cali weather so what can I say?

I like it colder. Right now its 81 and its already dark outside (I live in South Africa). You just sit and sweat, not fun. I like it somewhere like 40-50.

100s, I live in AZ.

I love the hot, blistering desert!

i'm Native american

I like it when it is around mid-70s. I like being warm.


I like it in the 60s-75.

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