What is the 'parent sober test'?!

Question: What is the 'parent sober test'?
What happens?


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Never heard of it but since you will choose me for the best answer let us say it is a test conducted by parents on their alleged intoxicated kid. They may just use a breath test *sniff sniff* or they may talk with the kid to monitor his/her mental state. The most severe test is taking the kid to the doctor for a blood test.

if you mean when you (the child) are drunk and your parents administer the "parental sober test" then it's when they drop a huge plate of breakfast in front of you and determine your soberness on whether or not you can eat it. if you are drunk then you wont be able to without puking.

Well, what I've done is learned the alphabet backwards, so if they think you're drunk, be all like 'Yeah? Well if I was drunk could I do THIS?!' then say it.
But in my family, it's like what the first person said, except it's the next morning.

Different parents have different parent sober tests. I have no idea
what yours will have you do eh - because I don't know your folks.

more then likely your parents will make sure you are sober, and to the person above me breakfast when your drunk is amazing

a drunk test

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