What are the ingredients in SMIRNOFF ICE?!

Question: What are the ingredients in SMIRNOFF ICE?
I love this drink (Green Apple is my favorite), but for a few months need to go on a diet with totally NO sugar in any form except Xylitol. The ingredients are not on the bottle or carton...how can I find out? Thanks!



The one thing you should know is that Alcohol metabolizes into sugar in the body. Just like eating bread, it breaks down into sugar so that's what you should really be worried about.

That said, I'm SURE it has sugar or high fructose corn syrup so for many reasons, you shouldn't drink it

Smirnoff Ice is loaded with sugar (like all coolers), so if you're trying to lose weight, avoid it like the plague. All alcohol has empty calories, but straight liquor has the least (and rum has no more than vodka, whiskey, etc. they're all from fermented sugars). Whiskey and diet cola or rum and diet Sprite are good mixed drinks if you don't want excessive calories.

Smirnoff ice is a cooler so it's packed with sugar. Avoid that weak sauce and step up to some stronger alcohol, avoid rum as it is made from sugar cane. Go with unflavoiured vodka, tequila, or gin. Gin is a healthy drink and tequila is a clean drink.

My brain

Well, any kind of alcohol makes you more fat, i would avoid beer if I were you and any other kinds of creamy alcohol like Baileys, I believe smirnoff ice and any other kind of vodka, rum or whiskey is fine for ya.

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