if i mix vodka and orange juice together how long will they keep in the fridge?!

Question: If i mix vodka and orange juice together how long will they keep in the fridge?
I put vodka in the OJ container and its been in the fridge a few days..is it still good to drink..how much longer should it stay good?


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Thinking of them as separate items the vodka will lase indefinitely and the OJ at approximately according to its expiration date. There is no reason for the vodka-alcohol to go bad when mixed but the orange juice might. It might because part of its freshness and lifespan is based on pH and this is altered when mixed. I give the drink 2 and as much as four days before it is trash.

5 days at very most

It should be good for quite a while, vodka is 40% so it doesn't go bad. Plus you've kept it in the fridge so it hasnt sat out in the heat. It should be perfectly fine the alcohol combined with the acid in the orange juice should keep it perfectly preserved. Ive had mixed drinks in my fridge for a week at a time and sometimes they even taste better when I drink them a week later.

My brain

I imagine it would be good for as long as the OJ would be good - a few weeks I would think and CERTAINLY it will be fine after a few days (assuming it wasn't left out.)

Depends on how fresh the OJ is mostly ...

ya, it should be

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